Hi! I’m Kim Weiler

After a 22-year struggle with Psoriasis, it brings me great joy to be in a place where I have not only healed myself, but I can empower others to heal themselves.

After an endless carousel of dermatologists and prescriptions, my real journey to healing started when I was inspired to take control of my own health and enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It was while studying there that I discovered my passion is working with those whose lives are negatively impacted by skin disease. I now know it is my purpose to help educate and heal others, and I look forward to sharing all of this with you.

For those of us who have struggled with diseases like Psoriasis, sometimes it is a challenge to see beauty in this life when all we can see is the“ugliness” in our daily skin problems. Using a compassionate approach learned from my training and personal experience, I take a holistic look at the lives of my clients, beyond just their skin, and examine all areas that can benefit from a healthy change. Small changes can result in significant benefits, allowing each client to see the true beauty in themselves and in all areas of life.

I will introduce you to healthy, delicious foods that are ideal for improving your condition and tailored to fit naturally into your busy lifestyle. I will empower you with self-healing tools that touch each aspect of your life. I will be there throughout your journey, teaching you about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance, and coaching you along the way to make positive food and lifestyle choices that lead to an overall better quality of life. Together, let’s begin your journey to healthy and clear skin.

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My Journey With Psoriasis

For 21 years I've struggled with an auto-immune skin disease called Psoriasis. As I write this, I'm happy to say I don't consider it a struggle anymore.

My Blog

I’m here to share all about the good and bad moments along my journey! I hope you’ll follow me and come along for the ride.

Wonderful Resources To Help You!

Books I highly recommend, films that changed my world, services that improved my life, and other sources I use and love.


Ps - It's All about Love:

How a Painful Journey with Psoriasis Became a Life Devoted to Healing Others

Kim’s goal in writing this book and in her practice is to prevent you from “trying everything” out of desperation like she did, and to help you find the self-love needed to get you through each and every day. As she says, “Today is the day to take control of your health, to eat right, think right, love right and in return your skin will love you for this!”

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