Kim Weiler

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You know that saying “you want what you don’t have.” Well, when I was younger I’d find myself always wanting what other people had. Maybe it was straight hair, a nicer car, a wealthier family, a cute boyfriend, the list goes on and on. Of course at the top of my list – other people’s clear skin. I’d watch people showing lots of skin in short jean shorts and tank toPs and be so envious! I’d actually daydream what it felt like to not have a complex about my skin! What must that feel like? No really…what must that feel like to live life with no insecurity about your skin? I just couldn’t imagine, but I’d really really really want to know!! I felt people took their clear skin for granted and if I was them I would flaunt my skin every day and feel proud of it and show it to the world and love it!!! I was dying to love it!! Don’t take me wrong, I didn’t want to dress slutty or anything, I just wanted to buy a pair of shorts and feel good in them!

As I got older I found myself becoming more accepting of my life and more grateful of the abundance I have. I guess that comes with maturity. I found myself wanting to start feeling proud of my skin even if it disappointed me. I wanted to appreciate it because it was mine and it was going to be with me forever. Acceptance is such an interesting and difficult thing and it really snuck up on me in my thirties. I resisted feeling thankful for my skin my whole life and one day something shifted and I started to want to accept myself more. I didn’t want to hide myself anymore.

My friends and family all have their ailments and issues. Some have bad eyesight, some are overweight, some underweight, teeth issues, diabetes, fatigue, allergies, depression, addiction, narcissism, control issues, the list goes on and on. My point is that we all have something we struggle with whether it’s Psychological or physical or emotional and we can’t help, but compare ourselves to others sometimes. We all would rather have their issue than our own sometimes. I said sometimes:) I always thought I’d be fine swapping anybody’s issue for mine, but I don’t think that way anymore. I was meant to have Psoriasis because I was meant to go down this healthy road and discover all this wonderful information and bring it to others. And you know what? I’ve never felt more fulfilled and more healthy! That’s how I know it was meant to be !

Thank you Psoriasis! OMG, I never thought I’d thank my Psoriasis!! This is a pretty huge moment for me!

Acceptance is such a beautiful thing because it produces confidence. Feeling confident feels soooo good right? It’s even more attractive in other people. Think about it, who would you rather hang out with? A confident person who feels good about themselves and is genuinely happy and loving or an insecure person who is down all the time, unhappy and constantly complaining? I’m sure if I was complaining in this blog about how bad life was with Psoriasis and woes me, you probably wouldn’t read it. I wouldn’t! I do everything I can to surround myself with positive, happy people who contribute something wonderful to my life, INSPIRATION & LOVE.

I try to be kind and loving to everyone in life because I feel that’s what life is about. I also believe that my Psoriasis has stayed away because there is less stress in my life after bidding farewell to some negative people who played big parts in it these last few years. My skin craves positive energy! It’s pretty amazing what happens when you start consciously acting more kind and loving – it comes back to you! It really does! I’m not just referring to others, I’m also talking about your relationship with your body. If you are good to your body, it’ll be good to you!

I want to inspire people to be more grateful for their journey instead of cursing it. Ask yourself why you are on it… Make love your intention. Setting intentions is very powerful! Just because we have Psoriasis doesn’t make us bad, ugly or not enough! We can feel empowered in our skin if we want to, but it’s just easier to surrender to self loathing. Why? Why is it easier to complain about something going wrong in our lives than to focus on the lesson from it and turn it into a positive? Maybe we love the drama! 🙂 I know I do sometimes!

Just take a moment before reacting to that negative thought with another negative thought and say to yourself “this doesn’t need to be a negative thing, there is always something positive about everything” then point out one positive thing about it. It’s a start! Here’s an example:

Negative – “I hate my skin! Why do I have the ugliest skin disease ever! It makes me feel so ugly!”
Positive – “If I didn’t have this disease I most likely wouldn’t have gone down this healthy road and wouldn’t be as healthy and clean as I am today. Thanks to my Psoriasis I found this new lifestyle and I feel amazing! I appreciate my Psoriasis leading the way down this path of wellness!”

I’m sure some of you are totally rolling your eyes right now! I know how hard it is to love yourself when you have Psoriasis. It’s damn hard, but it’s your choice to try. Try to love yourself. If you actually make the positive choice I guarantee you will see amazing results in how you feel day to day.

A raw food chef named Dara Dubinet (famous for her youtube channel on raw food videos) said she looks at any health issue as a health opportunity that is there to give her a wake-up call her body clearly needs. Is that not brilliant or what? Go back and read that again! That is the exact point of view I want to have forever. She interviewed a man named Joe Cross from the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” who said his new motto is “change equals opportunity.” Psoriasis changed my life FOR THE BETTER:)
I don’t care if I break my leg or have a headache – my body is telling me something. Took me 36 years, but now I’m ready to listen!

I’ll leave you off with a youtube video – one of Dara Dubinet’s where she explains what inflammation and leaky gut is – it’s a good one! Enjoy!