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Dealing with Psoriasis after surgery


Dealing with Psoriasis after surgery

Recently I had a bad fall. Pretty bad…like really really bad! I slipped on water while wearing flip floPs and went down into a split real fast.  I ruptured 3 of my hamstring tendons off my pelvic bone. Ouch!!! This is where most people go “ooooohhhh” and then their eyes roll backwards. Yes, it was quite excruciating to say the least! Fast forward a month and I’m all fixed now thanks to surgery. You know what that means – lots of pain medication and convenient processed food! Lots and lots! My Psoriasis was already showing its ugly head because of my lack of commitment due to having a new relationship and now…well, I just kind of gave up knowing I’d get back on track when I healed eventually. Sometimes I couldn’t help but think about what negative reaction my skin was going to have while taking all my delicious drugs. Some days it made me take less and others not so much.  

Everything I read about toxins in our system coming out in the form of Psoriasis swam in my head day to day. I took them for about a month and absolutely noticed a difference. My elbows felt harder, rougher, thicker. Yuck! I’m sure all the grilled cheeses and chiPs I was eating didn’t help! I was talking with a good friend about knowing what you need to do, but not wanting to do it. You know that feeling right? You know what you need to do, but don’t want to do it. That could be related to every single thing in life – a job, relationship breakup, putting a pet down, an apology, taking responsibility of our bodies, the list can go on and on. What happens if you don’t do it? There are negative consequences usually…maybe for others in our lives or in our own hearts or in our own skin. I just want to find a happy medium! That’s all. If I could eat all my favorite foods like buffalo wings and pizza and if I could drink alcoholic beverages once or twice a week when I go out I could deal with some dry skin. The key words here are dry and some! But for me it’s not some and dry, it’s Psoriasis patches in places that the world can see and make me feel ugly and ashamed.  

My goal is to find my happy medium place. I’m still feeling my way around and not exactly on track since my injury, but I’m starting to feel more aware and that’s good! I’m not going to diminish that! My physical therapist always stresses the words “baby stePs”. I find myself saying them in my head when I fall off the wagon. Baby stePs, baby stePs, baby stePs… Isn’t that the way everything is in life or should be? Everything we experience has to start somewhere whether it be love, work, health, etc.. Baby stePs…I’ll only have one glass of wine this weekend. Baby stePs..I will take a Dead Sea salt bath one day this week. Baby stePs…I will incorporate veggies into at least 2 of my meals today. Baby stePs…that’s enough for this week! Go me! What’s enough for you?