New Year – New You!

New Year – New You!

I don’t know about you, but I was ready to say goodbye to 2016. In actuality so many good things happened last year – I finished writing a book, I graduated and became a Certified Health Coach, I got married, and I attended a publicity event that was life changing in so many ways. But one big bad thing happened – I lost my brother in law, Frank, at only 44 years old. I can’t help, but think of 2016 and think of that mostly even though it truly was a successful year in other aspects. A new year has begun and I feel really motivated and inspired to start anew – in my body, my heart, and my soul. I’m craving positive change and experiences. I’m 100% sure you are too! I love starting off the new year with a juice cleanse. I do it for a few reasons – it makes me feel reset, helPs get me on track, gives my body a break from processing toxins, digesting fiber, improves my skin, clears my head and gives me motivation to put nothing but clean food back in. Losing a few pounds is also a nice bonus, but if you are not careful about what you put back in that could return quickly!

Feeling more motivated is a big one for me, I try to do them twice a year. You can do your own version too! It doesn’t have to be just juices! You can add smoothies for fiber, raw salads & souPs, etc. I’m sure if people just ate clean they wouldn’t need to benefit from a juice cleanse because our bodies know how to cleanse themselves, but with the standard American diet, chemical sprays on our fruit & veggies, environmental toxins, etc., I feel it helPs! I choose fruit & veggie juices to consume rather than other cleanses because I know my body is getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it needs. It’s alkalizing which bathes every cell in nothing but nourishment!

As I write this I’m one week away from starting a cleanse. I suggest a 1,2 or 3 day cleanse for those of you who have never done it before. It’s a strange yet freeing feeling not to have to think about food! I’m the type of person who always thinks about food! I cook almost every day to heal my skin as well as nourish my hubby, so my brain is never really getting a break from thinking about what to make, what to buy at the store, which store I have to go to for what, researching recipes, etc. When we have plans, and know we’ll be out all day we have to eat out and it’s kind of nice to get that break sometimes, but I still need to put a lot of thought into where are we going to eat and what place will have healthy items I can have. So, you can see why I look forward to juicing a few times a year? I don’t need to think about food at all! Well…that’s not 100% true because I help my hubby plan his meals, but he’s much easier to prep for than me! He’ll just throw a turkey burger in the pan and call it a day, where I would have to buy, wash, cut and cook veggies to go with.

The last few times I did a cleanse I ordered it from a company from Jus by Julie. The juices are more of a smoothie texture. Some are mixed with nut milks or seeds or banana, so they fill you up a bit more in my opinion. The variety of flavors are great! I’ve also used a company called Organic Avenue which is strictly cold pressed juices from fruits & veggies, nothing else. There are always a few that are hard to get down that may be made of mostly leafy greens, but I’ve learned not to kill myself over it & just toss that one in my blender with a small chunk of pineapple or 1/2 a banana to help me enjoy it! Cleansing is hard enough, I know we need to nourish ourselves, but don’t make it more unenjoyable for yourself by forcing that nasty one down your throat!

There are so many juice companies now, so if you don’t get a recommendation I would suggest googling “juice cleanses” and you can sift through various menus and choose which sounds most appealing to you. I also grab a juice now and then from The Juice Shop. Theirs are very good too! I’ve never done a cleanse through them, but had randomly tried a good handful and I enjoyed every one! If you own a juicer you can do it yourself too! I tend to order them because I realize it’s about the same cost without all the work. I followed a 3 day one once from Joe Cross, the guy from the documentary you’ve probably all heard of – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. He has a “Re-boot with Joe” cleanse online. You can go to his website and find it there or just google Joe Cross’ 3-day juice cleanse. I must admit, it was a lot of work for 3 days. If I was working from home it would have been easier, but working all day in the city and having to prepare it all in mason jars then lug it into the city on the train was a pain in the butt!

A friend of mine did it with me last year who lives in Australia and she made her own smoothies & juices for 3 days and loved it! I think she’s not following any recipes though, I’m pretty sure she’s just making sure she added plenty of veggies and a piece of fruit to each one. She tried all different concoctions and reported back to me how yummy they are. She really enjoyed herself. She even got her husband to do it with her, although, he only lasted one day! Ha!

I would try it different ways to see what works for you! It feels good to be detoxing my body, but the first few days can be rough. Last time I did it I had a lingering headache that turned into a migraine on day 2. I also was low energy and didn’t exercise other than a walk because my body couldn’t handle it. It’s ok to exercise, but only if you feel up for it. Don’t push yourself! This is a time for your body to rest and recover, please be gentle with it and pamper it with plenty of water and lots of love. Take baths, get some fresh air and try to go to sleep early. If you normally drink coffee everyday expect withdrawal headaches the first few days. Don’t forget the body is ridding itself of toxins, so it’s not going to feel amazing. I usually feel amazing afterwards. You might do it and decide never to do it again or even stop half way through and that’s okay. Listen to your body! You will know what’s right for it if you listen carefully.

One last thing – if you decide you’d like to try a cleanse please be careful about how you come off of it. You want to slowly introduce foods back it, not shock your digestive tract with a bacon cheeseburger. You can google ideas for all sorts of plans post cleanse, but the one I plan to for 2 or 3 days is having a smoothie for breakfast with some kale or spinach, almond milk, chia seeds, and a little fruit like 1/2 banana or 1/2 cup of blueberries. For lunch I’m going to have soup, either kale & white bean or butternut squash/Apple/carrot. For dinner I’ll have a salad with veggies, a little quinoa and some avocado on top with a little olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon. Hopefully my body will appreciate it and be happy!

Good luck and please email me to let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear!

I’ll leave you with this affirmation from the President of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Joshua Rosenthal — I feel beautiful, confident, and free in my body and know that others see the best parts of me.