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Self Control

Self Control

I love the summer, but sometimes it feels like the toughest part of the year for me. I know what you’re thinking – how could that be? All that sun & the vitamin D could literally give you a temporary break from Psoriasis! I know & I agree, but truth is, I don’t get that much sun unless I make it a point to sit at the beach all day on the weekends and life is just too busy to do that. I’m not complaining, life is full of wonderful events…ok not all of them are wonderful:)  I’m sure you all relate. The sun is not what I’m really talking about here though.

I’m talking about the barbecues, triPs, events, parties, commitments, etc. Majority I love to do – hang out with friends, chat while you eat & drink, what’s better than that?  But…this summer I seem to have a little less self control than I would like! Before an event like this I do what I know I need to – prepare healthy foods to bring, eat beforehand or assume they will have a veggie/salad option and mentally prepare myself not to drink around people who will be. You can’t avoid it nor do I want to avoid it. It makes me happy when everyone is having a good time and enjoying themselves. I enjoy drinking and wish I could more often! It’s hard because it’s summer and when everyone around you is drinking piña coladas, mudslides and cold beer on a patio in 90 degree weather while waiting to pick up those ribs off the grill with a side of pasta salad & coleslaw it makes me feel deprived & envious. Wow, that was a mouthful!

I went on a friend’s boat recently and I was so proud of myself having brought a huge platter of veggies, hummus & flax seed crackers. I knew I’d be out all day and night and REALLY prepared mentally! I DID! By the end of the day I completely self sabotaged myself! Self control said “Kim, go enjoy yourself, buh bye.”  Who could say no to those chilled cucumber vodka cocktails with the little umbrella??? UGH!!!

Sometimes I’ll watch those people who don’t need to think about what they eat…How freeing it must feel to not have any of the guilt, regret or feelings of deprivation or envy…. I’m sure most people relate to this who don’t have a skin disease! I’m sure a lot of people have issues with food in general. I bet most people! Maybe instead of thinking envious thoughts and wanting what everyone else is eating we need to shift the focus on what we CAN eat – whole, nutritious, healthy, fulfilling, delicious foods that provide our bodies with all of the nutrients, minerals & enzymes they need to stay happy, healthy & keep our skin clear. Truth is, when I think about what all that other food does to my body it’s a no brainer what I’d prefer! I honestly don’t even crave it anymore! As I write this I am realizing it’s not really the food itself because I really do enjoy the way healthy food makes me feel waaaaaay more than that processed crap. It’s the freedom of being able to have whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it whether that’s a Guinness & hot wings or a cupcake! (Those are 3 of my favorite things by the way;).

Freedom… That’s what it comes down to. Feels good to get to the root feeling there. I try to do that with everything, I will ask myself “what is it that I really want?” Now that I know what I want (freedom) I can focus on healing myself with that intention in mind, so one day soon my body can handle having my favorite things once in a while and even enjoying them! That will be the ultimate freedom! Eating those favorite foods here and there, but all while staying in balance enough to really enjoy myself while my skin stays clear.  There’s no fun in eating them if it’s going to bring on stress and fear that it will cause a flare up! My goal has always been to heal my skin first, then slowly incorporate foods into my diet to see what my body can handle. I’m really looking forward to the “testing out” phase:)

I’d love to hear where you are at in your healing journeys or if you have any good tiPs to get through the summer madness!