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Stress & Psoriasis!

Stress & Psoriasis!

My body talks to me. When I’m feeling stressed out and have too much on my plate I feel overwhelmed which results in small Psoriasis spots. My own personal indicators that tell me I need to make some changes or more are coming! I remember the first time I learned this I was beside myself! My body tells me when something is wrong??? That’s so freaking cool!!! Why didn’t I know that years ago? Why didn’t I pay attention to my body or think anything of the signs? Well…I’m certainly glad to know now! Better sooner than later!

Having pointed that out, as I get older I’m noticing it doesn’t take much to listen up and do something about it. Usually it’s just canceling a few dinners, scheduling time for me to take a dead sea salt bath or get to sleep early. I need those things and sometimes…a lot of the time….I feel like I can’t keep up.  With friends, with exercise, with cooking, with me time, with family, with Christmas shopping, with birthdays, the list goes on and on…. 

There will always be stuff we need to do, people we need to see, foods we need to eat, obligations we need to fill, and work we need to finish! We will never really get it all done will we? It will always keep on coming… I want to do all that stuff and live my life as joyfully as I can and pay attention to my body as much as I can. That’s my new goal to work towards, being present, living in the now moment because that’s really all we have isn’t it? Now, right now, not the past, not the future..only now! 

This brings me to tell you this will be my last blog. I have loved writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings the past year. I have loved hearing from all of you and having some affect on you hopefully in some small way. Who knows, maybe I’ll return to it soon.  I’m just finding myself a little overwhelmed lately and when I thought about making some room in my life I sat down and made a list of all the things I could cut out. Some temporary, some permanent. Hopefully, this will be temporary, but know how much I have appreciated your warm thoughts, advice and kind words. I’m so grateful for all the new friends I’ve made in the Psoriasis community. That community has helped me during the most important health journey of my life! Thank you everyone! I will never forget you and will always be here if you need to talk or vent. You can always find me on the national Psoriasis foundation boards! Good luck on your health journeys! 

You are in my heart…always!